Fengshui Analysis - 2022 Snake Zodiac Forecast

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2023年风水十二生肖 - 属蛇的分析
吉星 - 天乙贵人 / 驿马 凶星 -丧门 / 孤辰 /的煞 /破岁
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Singapore Fengshui Master - Zodiac Snake Analysis
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风水生肖 - 2023年属蛇 (支属巳)

Fengshui : Basically fengshui is only concerned with water and path around your house. Even a tap water if place in the wrong place, it can meant having a rebellious kid or it will affect your health and income plus career. It is the calculations of the Yin and Yang of the house flying stars.
Bazi : The Four Pillars of Destiny are derived from a person's birth year, month, day, and hour. These four pillars are used to calculate a person's "bazi chart," which provides insight into their personality, character, and potential for success in life. The calculations involve the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water) and the yin and yang principles. Geomancy Four Pillar provides a comprehensive system for understanding a person's life path, strengths, weaknesses, and potential opportunities. Know your future and avoid the landmines ahead.
Our Geomancer : Our Master Lim consultantion is straight forward and there is no selling of commerical items . The Singapore National Heritage Board invited him to speak at Sun Yen Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall for Wedding Customs and also the Zodiac Lunar Talk in 2020 . Master Lim is a graduate from the National University of Singapore.
Singapore Fengshui Master - Geomancer Eric Lim Graduate of National University of Singapore (B Arts)
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Singapore Fengshui Master - Xuan Kong Fengshui and The Four Pillars Copyright @ Fengshui Master Lim
吉星 - 天乙贵人 / 驿马 凶星 - 丧门 / 孤辰 /的煞 /破岁 2 0 2 3 防备她搞错 。 大家会有点忧郁的情况出现, 今年你们的运程属于不错的情 门星耀主要是今年不利探病,这对于出生在2月 /8月/ 9月和 2 4 耀 5 6 耀 份分析的不是乱乱讲 。 其他的方面请看下面分析 : 事业 : 今年岁破星入命宫,凡是不要争做龙头, 今年阻力多 。凡 驿 / / 题给你们在事业前进上立地雷 。 线 战开口跟人商量和求援,援力会来 。 今年你们事业和生意上不要想太多把问题复杂化 ,要把问题 问题的方案会出现 。今年不要让情绪做你们的领导,没有今 年情绪会坏事 。但是今年贵人星强 ,不要太过担心。 戒勇斗狠 。 财运 过冒险 。今年天乙贵人入命宫,今年你们平常的正常事业和 1 2 8 重大的决定 。今年的凶星不利于这几个月的财运。今年你们 在屋子的南方放8粒石头和一杯水来保护你们的财运 。 西 西 西 。孤辰入命,今年东南方的地方不要有植物在室内没有今 年的是非会多而容易心里不平衡而做出坏财运的事。 星的办法是联络人多见人 。 健康 : 西 西 西 治问题,戒口运动 。 感情: 6 个十分满分的八字 和大运。 一个人十分成功一定是岁运配 和好的八字。 通书地母经 :2023 地母是古人先贤体会来年变化经验的累 / / 2 0 2 1 。今年的地母经,我抄录这里给大家做个参考 : 太岁癸卯年,高低半忧喜。 春夏雨雹多,秋来缺雨水。     燕赵好桑麻,吴地禾稻美。     人民多疾病,六畜瘴烟起。   桑叶枝上空,天蚕无可食。   蚕妇走忙忙,提篮泣泪悲。   虽得多绵丝,尽费人心力。 2 0 2 0 。百多年前,中国爆发太平天国暴乱 ,的确是地多人少了
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Feng shui, also known as Chinese geomancy, is a pseudoscientific traditional practice originating from ancient China, which claims to use energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment. The term feng shui literally translates as "wind-water" in English.Feng shui is one of the Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics, classified as physiognomy (observation of appearances through formulas and calculations). The feng shui practice discusses architecture in terms of "invisible forces" that bind the universe, earth, and humanity together, known as qi .
Singapore Fengshui Master - Zodiac Snake Analysis
2 0 2 3 生的布局 : 2023 生肖属鼠 2023 生肖属牛 2023 生肖属虎 2023 生肖属兔 2023 生肖属龙 2023 生肖属蛇 2023 生肖属马 2023 生肖属羊 2023 生肖属猴 2023 生肖属鸡 2023 生肖属狗 2023 生肖属猪